Manipulative Medicine

Manipulative medicine helps provide motion to tissues and frees the body to do its job without mechanical complications. Below you will find brief descriptions of the manipulative medicines provided here at PT Center for Women:

Joint mobilization: Working directly with the joint through direct or indirect force by our therapists will help restore and/or improve motion that has been lost through injury or over time.

Visceral mobilization: There are layers of connective tissue surrounding each organ system in the body. If those connective tissues become restricting in any way, the organ itself may need to work harder to do its normal functions. By freeing the tissues around the organ, the natural movement of the organ is restored.

Soft tissue mobilization: When an injury causes congestion in the muscles and soft tissues, blood flow is impeded. This prevents the natural nutrition supply to the muscles, and it prevents wastes from escaping the tissues. Soft tissue manipulation allows for the blood and fluid flow to be restored, and optimal function to return.

Myofascial release: Fascia, or connective tissue, surrounds all of the body’s muscles and organs. Like a muscle, it can become bound or restricted. It can then become a component of long-standing postural issues or generalized chronic pain.

Craniosacral therapy: The closed-system of the brain and spinal cord contains cerebral spinal fluid, which normally has a free-flowing pulsing rhythm or movement within the central nervous system. If the rhythm becomes restricted or stops, headaches, facial pain, and pelvic pain can all be exacerbated. By restoring the natural rhythm or balance in the central nervous system, the brain is allowed to take up its maximal space to do the essential, vital jobs it must do 24 hours a day.

Exercise prescription: Restorative exercise is provided to all our patients. The purpose for this is to not only maintain the range of motion and tissue tone we improve upon during treatment, but also to give you the tools to independently heal your body, in your own time, in your own space.

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