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See You Down the Road

Nov. 29, 2022 8:31 am

"Find a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life."   

This quote seems incredibly appropriate for my time at PT Center for Women. For those of you who haven't heard, I will be moving to Tennessee at the end of December. While my husband and I are excited for our next adventure, I will definitely miss my job, my co-workers and the patients with whom  I have had the pleasure of working.  

I started at PT Center for Women about a week before we knew what COVID was, so it has been an interesting two and a half years. I have truly enjoyed my time working here, treating and educating women in all stages of life and helping them to reach their goals in life but also in fitness. This clinic is unique and gave me opportunities to collaborate and learn from other physical therapists, doctors, and fitness professionals.  

One of my favorite patient populations I have had the pleasure of treating has been post-partum women. This treatment can include anything from abdominal weakness and diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness or dysfunction, back or neck pain, or even just weakness. I have enjoyed treating them, learning from them, and listening to their stories. So, thank you ladies!

While I am excited for this next adventure and move, I hope at some point in time we will be able to move back to Wisconsin. So for now, instead of saying goodbye, I will say hope to see you down the road.

Tori Popp is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at PT Center for Women, 3232 Ballard Road, Appleton, WI 54911. Tori will continue with her patients into December. As our practice offers the full spectrum of women's physical therapy, we encourage you to reach out to us to continue the dialogue and treatments you started with Tori. Her approach to care-heartfelt, comfortable, compassionate-is our approach as well. Call or text 920.729.2982 to schedule an appointment.

PT Center for Women is one of the only physical therapy centers in Wisconsin that specializes in pelvic pain and pelvic muscle dysfunction, offering women of all ages comprehensive evaluation and treatment for their physical therapy needs.

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